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Finally a business travel software that helps you to deliver more from your trips.

Organize your trips in one place

How do you keep track of your travel schedule, travel options and organizing around the occasion of your trip?


If you're tired of using post its, having notes you cannot find and forget and managing all your calendar entries... tagtu is being built for you!


tagtu is being developed BY business travellers FOR business travellers.

Deliver more from your trips

The value of a business trip depends on so many variables. Who you meet when and where, at which occasion, what your mindset is... 


While we cannot be your yoga teacher or make the train be on time, we CAN help you get the most out of your trips.

Your trips, your network

Know who you want to meet up with where and at which occasion.


tagtu allows you to organize and plan according to YOUR preferences and meet the people you've always wanted to meet when you're in town or passing by!

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