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Planning your trips: a 4 step process

tagtu is being built to help you with planning your trips and getting more value out of every trip.

There can be multiple reasons for going on a business trip and we want to help you plan your trip better no matter the starting point and purpose of the trip.

On your dashboard, you will find 4 options to start your trip-planning process. This is what’s behind every starting point:

  • Plan by meeting: Your primary purpose for traveling is a meeting.
  • Plan by event: Your primary purpose for traveling is to attend an event (trade show, conference, meetup…)
  • Plan by travel date: You want to plan your trip by entering the specific dates you know you will travel.
  • Suggested destinations: Want to see in which places you’ve got contacts you want to visit? Then get some inspiration here.

You can also simply start planning your trip by using the global Plus Button:

Step 1: Add more meetings to your trip

In the first step of the process, tagtu will recommend contacts you know in the city/area you’re traveling to.

You can select the contacts you’ll want to meet by clicking on the selection box next to the contact.

Green = Meeting is confirmed and you want to mark it as such. It will appear green on your map.

Orange = Meeting is not confirmed yet but you want to bookmark this contact and reach out to him/her to meet. You’ll be able to come back later to confirm the meeting.

Once you’ve selected

Once you’ve selected the contacts you want to add to your trip and continue to the next step by clicking the button below the contacts & map, tagtu will show a pop-up in which you’ll be able to send an email to the contacts you’ve selected.

Once you’re happy with the plan for now, you can continue to the approval process by clicking on the button below the map.

Step 2: Purpose of the trip

In the second step of the process, you can select one or multiple trip purposes. The trip purpose will be used in statistics later to inform the efficacy of your travel overall.

You can also indicate if you’re traveling with colleagues.

Step 3: Your meetings and events overview

Waiting for new design of this step

Step 4: Price estimation

In the last trip of this process, you can estimate the costs of the trip.

In our MVP-Phase, this is still done by conducting the research outside of tagtu and you can input the prices here.

The costs will be compared with the potential outcome of the meetings you’ll have on your trip (the value of which you entered in step 3). This helps you and your manager look at the ratio between costs and potential outcomes.

Clicking on “Next Step” will prompt you to send that trip request to your manager:

He or she will receive a summary of the trip including costs and potential value of the trip and will be able to accept or decline the request.

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