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What if you could get more out of EVERY trip?

tagtu is where your trip starts and acts as your travel assistant to maximize value and return.

Planning your trip can be a lot...

Time consuming

Planning your trip often takes 1-2 hours or more. Let tagtu speed up the process.


Is the data you need to plan your trip all over the place?

Worth it?

Can you tell what returns you get from travel activity? And where to go next when?

Meet tagtu

tagtu helps travelers to plan the best trip possible

We make it easy to remember and arrange your next trip: whether for events, meetings or you're planning a roadshow: tagtu has you covered.

Why teams love tagtu

Efficient and conscious business travel is a win-win-win-win.

Business travellers

Plan your trip, find more meetings, know your route and timeline. Travel stress free.

Sales managers

Take value based decisions with your team for whom to meet when.


Get an overview based on value and return on travel activity, instead of just costs.

Travel managers

Provide an inclusive travel policy, monitor budgets (monetary + CO2) and access insights.

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