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Paul Tilstone joins tagtu as an advisor

Tagtu announces industry expert Paul Tilstone joining as an advisor to enhance corporate travel purpose and sustainability. Discover how his extensive experience will guide Tagtu’s growth and strategic development. … Read More

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Let’s put the plan back in business travel – don’t book first, plan first.

Maximize business trip value & reduce costs with proper planning. Learn how to prioritize planning in your company’s travel policy. Discover the benefits of purposeful travel. … Read More

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3 Tips for Salespeople to Maximize the Value of Your Business Trip

Planning ahead of time can make a big difference in the success of your trip as a sales person. In this post, we discuss the reasons why you should plan earlier for your next event, pitch, or meeting. … Read More

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Maximizing the value of business travel: How to shift from a cost-based to a value-based approach

A value-based approach to business travel can help your company make more strategic decisions and get better outcomes from business travel. Here are five strategies to help you make the shift. … Read More

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